How to Tell If Your Septic Tank is Full

In order to know if your septic tank is full, you must first understand what exactly a full septic tank is. The term “full” is used in two different definitions, one of which is the accumulation of sludge, solid waste that accumulates over time. When this sludge fills the tank, it prevents wastewater from draining, which makes it a high priority to have the waste pumped out by a certified professional.

The most obvious sign that your septic tank is full is a slow drain. However, you may not notice the gurgling sound that signals a full tank. If your drains are slow, it may be due to solid deposits that have built up on the sides of the tank. This could limit the tank’s capacity. You can also hear gurgling noises in the pipes.

The other common sign that your septic tank is full is a pool of water around the drain field. The water will collect in this area if there is a backlog. Solid waste will clog up the piping system and force the liquid to the surface. Slow drains and toilet flushes are also signs of a full septic tank. Pumping the tank regularly will prevent a backlog from affecting the rest of your home.

Algae growth in the water is another common sign of a full septic tank. Algae are harmful to human health, and excessive levels of this substance can damage the environment. In addition to compromising the health of people, excessive nitrate levels can cause contaminated wells. Even if you don’t notice a plethora of signs, you’ll be glad you emptied the tank.

Gurgling sounds from your pipes are another symptom of a full septic tank. This happens when waste water is having difficulty draining away from your home. This can happen in your sink, shower, or toilet. Blockages are the main cause of these gurgling sounds. If you ignore these signs, raw sewage could back up in your home. So if you hear gurgling noises in your pipes, your septic tank may be full and you should pump it immediately.

Another warning sign is a foul odor. This smell indicates a full septic tank and should be checked out by a professional. This odor will be detected by anyone, including pets. Fortunately, fixing a leaking septic tank can be a simple process. If you’re experiencing these warning signs, contact a West Coast Sanitation expert to fix the problem.

Slow draining and gurgling noises are also signs of a full septic tank. If you’ve been ignoring these warning signs for a long time, the problem may have become widespread. Slow drainage and a weak flush may be the cause of sluggish drains. If the drains are slow or nonexistent, the septic tank may be full.