Best Leak Detection Tips

Water damage is big trouble to your home, as soon as you identify water leaks take immediate action to stop them. Some leaks are common whereas some aren’t obvious, it’s a challenging task to detect the hidden leaks. Leak detection is the best way to stop leaks and prevent your home. Here we’ve put together a few tips for detecting the leaks and saving your energy costs.

Leak Detection Tips For Your Home 

Check your toilets

The first thing to do is to check the toilets. The toilets use up a huge amount of water usually, also if there’s a leak then the water usage will be even higher. To find the leaks in the toilet just remove the lid from the tank, stop all the faucets and listen for any hissing sound. If you hear a sound then try to locate from where it arises. 

Another way to detect leaks in the toilet is by adding red food coloring into the tank. Wait for 5 minutes and then check the bowl, if the water turned to pink color there’s a leak.

Check your water meter

To check the meter line, you must know where the shut-off valve is located. Shut it off temporarily, and slowly remove the lid from the meter, now watch the dial. If the meter is still working then there’s a leak. To detect where the leak measure the length between the meter and the shut-off valve. Once you’ve found it out call a professional plumber.

Check appliances and fixtures

Suppose if the water meter test indicates a leak inside your home then you’ve to check the cabinets under the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom sinks to ensure they’re dry. Also inspect the base of toilets, tubs, showers, dishwashers, and heaters. If there’s a leak then turn off the water supply valve to the respective appliance or fixture and call a plumber.

Monitor your water bills

Monthly water bills can be guessed by the homeowners, but if it’s unusually high without using excess water then you may have a leak. A family of four should not use more than 12,000 gallons of water, research says. Even small unnoticed leaks can cause huge damage, a leak from the faucet with a steady drip can waste about 10,000 gallons of water per year, so keep an eye on it.

Check hose bibs outside

It’s good to check the hose bibs outside your house. If there’s a leak but can’t be seen then try to hear it. Do this with all hose bibs located outside.

Check the hot water tank

 Check the pressure relief valve of your hot water tank it will be inside a drain so might be hard to detect a leak. Just take off the drain pipe to find the leak. If you don’t want to remove it listen for a hissing sound and locate the leak. Once the leak is detected within your hot water tank call a professional plumber.

If you’ve found a leak in your home, without further delay fix it. Leaks can increase your water bill and damage your home if left unfixed. If the leaks can’t be fixed by you, call a plumber.